Meta Pleb Girl

Why Meta Pleb?

Meta Pleb

I know you’re asking what is a Meta Pleb? Let me explain.

In short, Meta Pleb is information about regular everyday people. Meta Pleb is a person who is hungry for knowledge and curious about opinions. They are passionate about the information that affects their lives. Foremost, Plebs are concerned about the future of society and want factual information from the media. Meta Pleb is all about information about the issues that affect people.

Meta Pleb Lexicon

The Meta Pleb Lexicon is provided to contextualize the vocabulary used in the blog posts and will help readers understand less common terms that they encounter.

meta |ˌmɛtə
1. denoting a change of position or condition: metamorphosis 
2. denoting position behind, after, or beyond: metadata

pleb |pleb
1. derogatory an ordinary person of lower class

metadata |ˈmedəˌdādəˈmedəˌdadə| noun
1. A set of data that describes and gives information about other data.

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