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Covidilant is a mini public service announcement designed to remind us about what’s important: Wash, keep distance and wear a mask is the mantra of the animation. It is time to care for others and suppress the notion of individuality for the protection of everyone in society during the pandemic in order to control the …

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The COVID1984 animation is made for distribution on social media platforms and appears in a 1:1 ratio for easy distribution and viewing on handheld devices. This short video warns the public sphere about the rhetoric in the media. Inspired by the style of graphics innovator Saul Bass and rebel artists of the Dadaists movement, Karin sets the storyline in literature and history. Karin uses the concepts of Orwellian …

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The Machine Stops Image

Forster’s Remarkable Dystopia: What Happens When The Machine Stops?

The Machine Stops is a short story by E.M. Forester. This analysis of Forster’s 1909 work explores how he predicts the future of society, culture, technology and religion as he reveals how his dystopic world begins to disintegrate. Humanities’ response to COVID19 is a cautionary tale. The Machine Stops is a dystopian short story by …

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