The Machine Stops

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The Machine Stops is a dystopian short story by author E. M. Forester was first published in 1909. Forester insight into the effects of future technologies on society predicted a dysphoric, technology-reliant society where information and intelligence have more power than money. Forester designs a future where those with physical strength are decimated in order to adapt to the technology necessary after a global warming apocalypse. Forester reveals a society that relies entirely on technology  and are influenced by groupthink for all of their wants and needs.

There are 3 major themes explored in this mini web site. they are the fmachine stopsuel that drives the fate of this doomed society steadily forward until the Machine Stops.  The themes of technology, religion and surveillance,  culture and society, interplay within this story. They act as devices to warn society of the dangers of unchecked power.


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